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Wal-Mart Trip..

So wandering around Walmart the other night my roommates and I stumbled across a sad example of just how feeble american people can be. The picture on the right is a "water purifying straw". and if you can't read the instructions on the right let me just sum them up here:

     1. collect water from safe water source

     2. clean water by boiling it

     3. Drink water. Straw filters out debris and     

          improves taste

Anyone see anything wrong here? First off the water comes from an already 'safe source' than becomes purified from boiling. So what does the straw actually do?! The companies also soon to be sued, as there is no comment about letting the water cool down first.. pathetically embarrassing.

 Props for trying soo hard

So one of my roommates (Bo) tried ambushing me the other day with one of his nerf guns. after dodging the first three I realized he wasn't coming close enough to me to even have to dodge so I didn't. Wasn't until 5 shots later that he was actually able to hit me while standing almost five feet away! Needless to say 1 in 8 is not a great batting record. Atleast he has all year to improve :)

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Math isn't everyone's thing

While interviewing a kid he decided to try to tell me how many points his team had in the potscrub game they were currently playing and this was his attempt...

"well we have 3 frying pans and we get 50 for each so.. 50 and 50.. lets see.. drop the zero 5 and 5 is ten and they get kicked over by the big guy on the end so.. WE HAVE 100.. then there's another 50.. big guy on the end hogs the space.. 5 and 1.. SO WE HAVE 600 POINTS!"

I thought about helping.. but he was trying so hard and it was kind of cute, so I just let it slide.

Suffering a Crisis?! Oh NO!!

So unfortunately I can't find a picture that remotely comes close to imitating this experience, so for that I apologize. After serving food at a shelter for some kids at Camp Ewalu where I worked this past summer (2012) Chief Clara (a staff member) thought it would be entertaining to watch both myself and Kristen (another staff) chase after the van to go back to main camp. Thankfully I made it in unaltered. Kristen however was not as lucky. After chasing the van for a little while Clara decided she had made Kristen get enough of a work out and applied the brakes. Somehow Kristen didn't quite get the memo and ran full force into the 15 passenger van's rear doors. As she made her way up after gathering her balance again the other staff members in the van and myself were already laughing from what happened. Kristen than approaches the door with the most terrifying angry face I have personally ever seen her with and shouts, "THIS IS NOT FUNNY! I'M SUFFERING A CRISIS!!" and held up a pair of sunglasses that she was wearing prior to the unfortunate collision now broken into two halves. Needless to say what should have been a one minute car trip back to main camp took us about 5 because we were all laughing so hard Clara who was driving had to stop three or four times. As for myself.. I don't think I've ever laughed as hard as I was! I was legitimately concerned I was going to get sick I was laughing so hard, that I had to get out of the car just in case!! Kristen since has received three new pairs of sunglasses.

 So.. The other night Ben, Kyle, and I were just sitting in bed talking around 11pm when Kyle decided to attempt to tell a joke. Being the person I am I thought it would be funny to just start laughing WAY before he got to the punch line just to be funny so right after Kyle had started saying, "so there was this one guy" I just started hysterically laughing. Surprisingly enough Ben started doing the same thing at the exact same instant, which of course caught me by extreme surprise so I started laughing for real. It was only 4 minutes later, when Ben and I finally were able to breathe enough to speak that we realized we were laughing about two completely different things. Apparently, according to Ben, Kyle started his joke with a 'female like' voice. This, naturally caused us to start laughing again all the while Kyle was completely lost! Oh good times!!


After 4 months of a very interesting summer I'm back to school! And seeings how I'm rooming with two very good friends I'm sure the stories will be of plenty and very comical so... yea check back occasionally, if you want a good laugh every now and than.

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 So after finally wanting to get a group of guys together to play ultimate frisbee my RA did it himself. We got a few guys from our dorm as well as some from another dorm and, after politely asking about 15 girls to move their sun tanning somewhere else, we were playing one good game out on the center campus field. We had a few trees in the way but we didn't think they'd cause that much of a problem... boy were we wrong! After a very nice full field throw from one of frisbee club members one of my teammates ran off to catch it. Unfortunately he was paying to much attention to the frisbee and less about the 7 foot tree standing ever so peacefully in his route. after a few of us yelled tree, just before the collision, he ran smack into the tree and instead of just somersaulting over it, he actually grabbed the trunk and did more of a flip over it. Needless to say the tree stood erect with only a slight tilt indicating the event while the human body laying on the ground had little red lines all over his stomach from the branches. After running to see if he was ok, which he was, we were all bent over in hysterical laughter! That's some dedication!

 So... I had just gotten out of Symphonic Band and was heading out the door when older lady and, what looked like, her son stopped and asked how to outside to the parking lot. Maybe it's just me but, that sounded like a really dumb question seeing how there was a door on both ends of the hall. so.. somewhat stunned by the, what seemed to be, idiotic question I answered... "Well, there's you could use the door at the end of the hall?" Sadly enough she didn't angry at my somewhat obvious answer, but instead just said, "oh ok thanks!"

I never would have thought that exiting a building via this apparently new invention called the door would have been such a hard thing to grasp.

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 Change in Direction

This is an announcement (for those few, if any who still check this periodically) that most of you already know, but I thought... why not finalize it even more by slapping it onto the wonderfully/horribly un-private world wide web.

After much hard and stressful debating, and fighting through my thoughts as well as those of others, I've decided to hang up the music major. I am finishing up the year here at UNI, and than am planning on attending Iowa State University for Architecture. This was a VERY hard decision to make, and if I let you down I am sorry, but I just feel that it wasn't meant for me. Why? I really do not know seeing how music seemed to be my gift; but I'm hoping that God knows what he's doing.

I am still hoping to play in bands at ISU, however I'm not quite sure what that will entail, and I won't, until I know more about what my schedule will be like.

 Instead of Christmas gifts from our cousins this year, we each had to take 20$ and do something thoughtful for someone else, preferably a stranger. So... Here's my story.

I decided, after not being able to come up with anything creative, to use the idea that my mom used one year for our youth group. I took the 20$ placed it into an envelop and wrote Romans 6:23 "for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord," and took off to Walmart. After wandering around for a good 10 minutes we found the best candidate. It was an elderly women, probably in her late 60's with a look of... unhappy/depressed look. After tracking her half way around the store, making a few circles she finally strayed far enough from her cart to give me a split second to walk by and light place the envelop in her cart. Shortly after turning back she noticed new addition to her cart and looked at the front. After looking around confused she opened it up and, after seeing the face of the 7th United States President Andrew Jackson, she began looking around with a sense of awe. We continued to watch her to make sure she didn't toss it or turn it to someone, when after some time we left her with a slightly happier appearance. I pray that God bless' her and that in some way her mysterious fortune leaves a mark.

 So though the main event of this particular weekend should've been the 2nd Colts audition, it definitely wasn't! Almost 25 minutes away from Dubuque my dad and I see two cop cars, literally, fly by us going what seemed to be at least twice our speed of 70mph. After traveling another 5-10 minutes we came up, to what seemed to be, the incident in which they were traveling to, because of the stand still traffic. Being somewhat in a hurry and having a side road right by us we decided we might as well see if we could go around it and, if anything at least see what's going on. we traveled a short distance to the top of the hill when we came about to the first set of police cars which gave us a perfect seat to watch the interestingly unexpected scene unfold. There were 10 police cars lighting up the highway, and around 4-5 police men with a range of shotguns and fully automatic rifles pointed at the drivers seat  of the car leading the parade. My dad was a little anxious to turn around, however I was definitely wanting to stay and watch. Though I know it wouldn't have been fun to see someone get shot at the moment, I really wanted to see it happen for bragging purposes. Though to my disappointment it didn't happen. On the way home from the Colts camp my dad informed me that this incident was the successful arrest of a serial killer from Colorado, that had been tracked across the states. Give it up to those still fighting for justice!! I'm lucky to know one personally, of whom I have a very high level respect and admiration for!! He's definitely my favorite cousin of all time!!


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 So this is less of a story and more of a warning to those technologically advanced souls. Though you may feel texting is vital to your existence so is not falling downing stairs, which contains side effects such as bloody noses, broken faces, black eyes, and in some rare instances death. As I was texting I was confronted with this new thing 'not to do'. After making it down 2 flights of stairs while texting I thought I was good, but apparently those last few steps had something else in mind. After feeling like I had reached the bottom I took another step! The floor was mysteriously not where it was suppose to be. after stumbling down the last two steps and luckily threw my hands out to refrain the wall from inflicting it's wrath upon me. Lucky for me, for the first time in a while, I did something embarrassing without anyone there to witness the scene!

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 After an intense Physics night class I wondered my way back to the dorm. Everything seems to be in order, with nothing out of the ordinary happening when I walked into my room, only to be met by the most... unusual and surprising greeting I've heard in a while. "I HATE SPEECHS!!" Michael said before I even fully stepped into the room. Being so stunned by the unusual greeting I just stood there like... "uhh.... I.." and than I left cause I had nothing to say to such a statement!!

 A Comment box has finally been added to the 'comment' tab. Let me know what you think ok this master piece in the making!!

 Just a example of what our director was probably thinking as he listened to the playback


so... we've been recording our marching band shows for the last month. last week was the last one of the season (which is a good thing). After working for about an hour people, apparently, started getting a little crazy. While recording one of the drum line cadences we ended right on cue when someone, not calling any names Swope, yelled the vocal at the end even after our director had told us not to. However the best thing about it was the way he did it. HUUUUUha!! Later on while recording another song another drumline member decided to join in the disruption. We were all playing..and playing.. and playing.. and than the cut off... CRASH!! followed by laughter through out the band. Needless to say some how we got everything done that we needed to, even after taking multiple re-recordings because of mishaps!

 After getting to bed at a decent time last night, I was very upset when I was woken up by what sounded like a snow plow being run off of a jet motor. After a while I decided to check it out when I realized that the tractor making all this noise was no larger than your typical four wheeler. so I want to know... Why in the world does such a small machine need to be so noisy and why are they plowing snow at 3 in the morning!! REALLY?!
My research paper on how music's affect  is COMPLETE!! Check it out and let me know what you think!!
So my roommate and I have gotten into the game Call of Duty 5. During one of Flint's game he discovered the hiding spot of one of the opponents at large. In an attempt to end his killing streak, the man literally jumped off the cliff of the map and into the abyss below... meanwhile, we all just stood there and stared making strange and unusual comments like.. "I.. wha..?!" We were utterly stunned and a little confused!! 

*For those of you wondering (parents) I do still some how find time to study!*
This is a staged picture courtesy of showthread.php?t=4515
No one or thing was injured during this take. well...minus whatever it costs to take a picture... and I guess what it takes to make a camera... ok point is everything intended to still be in existence after the shot, was indeed, still in existence.

Over the last few weeks I've noticed numerous amounts of people trip over absolutely nothing. they'll just be walking along and all of a sudden, something trips them! But when they look around nothing, not even a crack in the pavement is in sight. Even I, your very own Herminator, has been a victim of this monstrosity. The invisible tripster is HERE!!! If you see him.. RUN!!

So.. I was looking around the UNI bookstore today, just because, and I had to go the bathroom. So, without getting into any details, I went to the restroom. I did my business and washed my hands when I noticed that lone little hair thrown horribly out of place by the wind (and yes it's still windy here). When I raised my arm up to fix it I elbowed the soap dispenser, with quite the force. The soap dispenser's outer plastic casing was blown off by my arm and, very noisily, made it's way into the middle of the restroom. After trying to frantically fix it, before someone came in, I eventually just gave up and let it lay in defeat.


This past week the weather around the UNI campus has been pretty depressing. Four out of the seven days it has been rainy cloudy, and cold (though it didn't stop me from wearing shorts all week, even though I was getting funny comments from some of my classmates, Thanks guys!! lol) Today, Sunday, is no exception, with winds blowing from 40-55 mph. In attempt to leave the dorm to go eat, I not only feared that that my 120 pound body would get blown off the sidewalk, but was also surprised by an army of leaves right as I found it necessary to yawn. Yea... after eating one of them and looking like an idiot in the middle of campus trying to get the pieces of leaf out of my mouth, I can assure you... they don't taste very good... just in case you were wondering!
  PANTHER MARCHING BAND AND THEIR 2008-2009 SEASON!          Over the past three months the Panther Marching Band (PMB) has been rigorously practicing and performing. With in the month of September alone we had three football games, a  performance at Linn-Marr High school near Cedar rapids, and numerous other smaller performances around campus. For each football game we also had  a different and new show to present to the fans. We currently have  memorized five shows with more than 25 songs total. Needless to say.. we’ve been busy!!


For the first few weeks of getting acquainted with my roommate our room resembled that of a, high class prison cell. With two beds, two desks, and a giant void of empty space in the middle. This, of course was driving me crazy!! So after a week or two of discussing what to do, and how, we finally decided that we’d figure out the ‘how’ later. We traveled the long four blocks to the Hy-Vee in town. With the luck and grace of God we bought them out..of their one futon. Shortly after the long trek up the three flights of stairs, which to say the least was a... bonding experience, we had our prize possession in our room. Within the next hour, we also had a very green love seat outside our door with one of our housemates asking us if we had room to store it for a few days. Being the people my roommate and I are we said yes. We liked it so much that later that week we bought it off his hands and now possess both the futon and the love seat. Needless to say our once, prison cell like room has  taken on some quite drastic and monotonous  rearranging.  turning it into your typical college dorm room!


Over the past three months I’ve also had some pretty interesting and some times scary discoveries. Such as the Panther statue that has been given a growling effect so life like I just about fell of my bike when passing it by for the first time. As well as being a member in the new Japanese drumming group here on campus. 

It’s been very exciting to be here. Thank you for all of your support!!


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