Notes of News


We're currently designing a Children's library in the Chicago neighborhood known as Pilsen. We started out doing a Charette from a series of postcards to develop a concept (Top left). We than studied that concept (Top right), and used such concepts to design the library in a way that related to the site's physical and cultural characteristics. The bottom photo one of my quick study models.


The next five images are my favorite one from out spring 2011 trip to Chicago.

First is Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple.

Second is Adler and Sullivan Theatre's lobby

Third is a street in the Pilsen neighborhood, where our library will be placed

Fourth is taken facing Downtown Chicago, while waiting for the train near IIT's campus

Fifth is an image from the John Deere Headquarters in Moline, Illinois. The bench and its reflection imitate the   buildings material make-up.


Based off a wall-chair-window photography study.

The first two images are from the study done. They focus on the profile of a person and how looking at a profile leads you to want to see what the model is looking at.

This image is an example of how the profiles can lead you around a circle/defined path.

This is the final model from the outside going towards the 'space for one'.


In this building material class we were required to build a full scale section of a residential occupancy.


House project from my first semester in the Architect program at Iowa State University.

ARCH 201 trip to Kansas City. We visited design build homes put up by the University of Kansas.

This is just a cool picture I took during a photography walk around campus.


Project to design a 'tower' bath house. My design was to resemble a tree. Each interior space can be used for different climates and/or water temperature desires of the person bathing.

These two images are light studies done to create the feel of being inside a tree, with broken light.


My first architecture project was to model the Casa Gaspar house.

Panoramic I created of Beardshear Hall located on the Iowa State University campus.

UNI Panther Marching Band (PMB) in the stands
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